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First some background.
THIS is my 2004 GTO. I bought it in 2017, did a few mods and it's been great over the years. At the end of last year I decided it was too slow and I wanted boost. In preparation for a blower (still don't have it), I ordered new motor mounts for clearance and because I did that I got a poly trans mount too. Also decided to do a monster clutch and new exhaust.

While it was apart I kept finding issues which slowed me down, bad parts, "while you're in there" things too. Get it together only to discover the new rear main seal cover was manufactured poorly and leaked. Took it all apart again and fixed that which started to get frustrating to say the least.

Now it's back together and it had a misfire that was caused by a bad injector o ring. I got that cleared up but now it's shaking a lot which I was thinking was still a misfire but after having a friend drive it I'm persuaded to think that the mounts are causing it or maybe even the driveshaft angle since I have shorter mounts, although it also shakes when not in gear while stopped. I'm wondering if there's an issue with the car or if the poly mounts increased vibrations much more than I was hoping for.



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Sep 12, 2008
This is a friend Ryan. His and my GTO were together at one of the last shows at Pheasant Run.

Impulse Blue Metallic is the bestest GTO color.

The porosity issue is a common thing. New gasket and lots of make a gasket and properly aligning the cover as you torque to spec solves this. I had to do it on mine.

These cars rock nicely, especially with any "hotter" cam in it. I don't think anything is wrong. Mine rocks like a drunken sailor.

His is the 1st one with the yellow Brembo's, mine is in the middle.


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