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Below are the rules that members of are asked to follow during their stay here. The rules are subject to change at any time.

TCG operated for quite some time without any significant rules or regulations. However as a site grows certain things need to be put in place to maintain order and help grow the site further. The rules will be enforced as needed in efforts to continue the growth this site has seen recently.

If there are any questions regarding the rules, please start a new thread in the support forum or contact an admin/moderator via PM.

Updated 4/22/10
General Site Rules:
  • THREAD CRAPPING - Respect the OP in each thread. OP's, if you act ridiculously, you will be treated as such by other TCG members resulting in moderator staff stepping in as they feel necessary.
  • SPAMMING - Spamming non-sponsor related business advertisements and creating excessive posts deemed to be obnoxious by users and/or staff will not be tolerated. Content deemed "spam" by TCG staff will be recorded and archived, and the user will be warned. In severe cases, users will be banned without warning and/or notice. Recurrence of such activities can result in a user being banned from the site if warnings are not heeded.
  • THREAD LOCKING - Threads will be locked at the discretion of any of the moderator staff if they feel its warranted. Think you're being treated unfairly? Post in the user support forum and another member of the moderator staff will address your concerns as fairly as possible.
  • BASHING/FLAMING - Don't harass people, your posts/threads will be deleted. Having fun with people is one thing, but intentionally upsetting members is another and will be handled accordingly by moderator staff.
  • RACISM / SEXISM - Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards any group (race, religion, sexual preference) are not appropriate, and will not be allowed. This includes the usage of racial slurs, and making stereotypical statements that will incite intolerant comments on the board.
  • DOMESTICS/IMPORTS - TCG supports drivers of all vehicle makes, models and colors. Don't beat up on folks based on their vehicle choice.
  • THREAD LOCATION - Please make sure you're placing posts in the proper forum area. Moderators will move threads as needed, but we really hope everyone can put threads where they belong.
  • PARKING LOT - Most anything goes regarding racing, within reason. Mods won't do much in the parking lot unless it's absolutely necessary.

FS Thread Rules:
  • MANDATORY INFO - Location & price is required in every FS thread.
  • HARASSING SELLERS - If you're not interested in purchasing the the sellers items, do not post.
  • BUMPING - 1 bump / day max. Don't be annoying with your FS threads or they will be deleted.
  • SERVICES - If you want to advertise your services, please contact Mook for sponsor rates.
  • CONSOLIDATION - Don't make 10 FS threads in one day, consolidate your threads as much as reasonably possible.
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rules WILL BE enforced. as dan said, if you guys have an issue w/ any of these, or wish to discuss matters further, start a new thread and we can go from there.
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