🔧 BUILD The Replacement for the Cobra. V: “Greasy’s Fuck Your Blower-Coyote, Super-Secret Stick-Shift Hellcat Build”


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Jun 25, 2007
While I am sad to be selling the Cobra and I am super pumped for a car I signed papers on last night! I always loved/wanted a Competition Orange Terminator, but the cars are old and still going for big $$$$. I wanted something with a lot of power stock and capability for the future.

I found a car in Michigan that I was entertaining, but before driving out there I wanted to do a test drive. I figured if I was going to do a test drive I might as well pick a car that I would be potentially interested in. I was looking at earlier model year Hellcats....I wanted to stay away from 2015's as the first year model and the 2017+ were out of my price range. Reviews on the 2016's looked good. I showed up at the dealer at 8PM and told the guy I was interested in test driving the car. He initially was hesitant as they get a lot of folks wanting to take cars for joy rides, but then walked into the dealer to grab the keys.

Guy gets in to start up the car and I am standing behind it. The car fires up and I was blown away at the exhaust sound note, sounds so nasty! I knew from that moment I might be hooked. Got the car pulled off of the front row and in for a test drive. Car is an absolute monster and if I am being honest I pussy footed the car most of the drive. The one time I tried rolling into the throttle in 2nd gear it just obliterated the tires! :rofl: The car is big, but doesn't feel big. It is a big purchase, but this is something I will very much enjoy!

2016 Challenger Hellcat
Color: Go Mango
Miles: 4,500
Transmission: Manual

I got a hell of a deal on this car I feel, very happy with the purchase. Here is a pic below.....cannot wait to detail this thing!


Decal Removal

The modding begins!

Tires Arrive

Eibach Spring Install


Stock Dyno Numbers Acquired

Vanity Plate Arrives

Painted Grille Emblem

New Spoiler Installed

Smoked Side Markers Installed

Per4mance Development DIRS differential brace install

Rear Dodge lettering blacked out

"Stock" engine bay

Secret mods revealed

Keyed crank

Injector failure

New Injectors Arrive

Final E85 Dyno Numbers




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Jun 25, 2007
I agree with this step in your car life!! Congrats !!!!

Congrats again, hit me up some time we need to do some back road cruising

I. Fucking. Approve. And manual too. Congrats! Still sad to see the cobra go, but can't wait to see what you do w/ this.

Thanks guys!

Needs tints asap.

It is on the list, but first tires.....it needs tires :rofl:

How soon will Barth get his filthy hands on it?

Dude this car has enough power power right now, I can see a tune maybe in the next year or 2!

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