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HULU The Orville


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Nov 18, 2008
Aurora, IL
Holly crap did they just launch it back into the series. The new budget is really helping out the feel, and so far its great. Way to go.
first episode is out, "electric sheep". The title is a reference to a Philip K dick novel "do androids dream of electric sheep" which you might know better as the film adaptation "blade runner".


Aka "That Focus RS Guy"
Sep 19, 2010
Buffalo Grove
Its time to begin!

star trek picard GIF


Aka "That Focus RS Guy"
Sep 19, 2010
Buffalo Grove
Yeah, Electric Sheep was a fantastic title for this episode, especially if you have read the Phillip K. Dick book. There are some brainy people running The Orville.
You could substitute Passionate for Brainy, because it requires both to to consistently know their audience.

Fox clearly did not know what Seth wanted to do, and the early family guy humor just got less and less as time went on.

S3E1, zero family guy humor, just 100% great SciFi with a great story.


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May 23, 2007
Avondale, AZ
Also, who is Lamar's Hellraiser lady. I checked the credits, but no name to be found.

EDIT: Found. Irillia is the characters name. Alexis Knapp is the actress.

Yeah shes nice. And i'd definitely get freaky w/ those spikes. But I'm loving me some Ensign Burke.


What a great episode tho. So many emotions hearing Norms voice coming out of Yaphit.

I wonder how long Norm McDonald will voice the role? Was it recorded prior to his death?

Norm actually finished recording the whole season, don't know how many episodes he's actually in, but I'll take everything I can get.

and even tho its a heavy topic, I don't know if Ive ever seen any show deal with the topic of suicide as well as this one did

God I'm glad this show is back.