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Sep 28, 2007
Wheaton, IL
Growing Up Lego's were my Jam, it was pretty much my favorite thing to play with leading up to adolescence.

Sadly my mother sold my collection at one point which was crushing even though I didn't really play with them any longer.

Since moving into a larger home and having a kid I've found myself getting back into Legos as an adult hobby/collection. Lego also seems to have acknowledged/identified the growing market of adult collectors/builders and is now selling some pretty amazing adult-targeted sets.

Anyone collect/build them still on here?

Just last week I picked up this one as I thought it was a really attractive model to display and was a good "Price per Part" Ratio.



This one also just popped up and I've ordered it as well, which I'm very excited to build as I'm renovating my basement this year so I can have a lego train layout built.



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Aug 14, 2017
My parents have given me a couple Technic kits, I have an old Ferrari F1 Technic, a new regular Lego Ford GT40/GT kit, plus I still have a few buckets of just random Legos, but I never bust those out.

The kits are cool, but the ones I've had don't take very long to assemble. And then I have a Lego's not really something I want to put out to show as an adult in our living room...I never got into the creation of kits or stuff after I was a kid.


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Aug 27, 2018
I had the basic ones as a kid. The "sets" weren't really on the market that much, so had to use your imagination more. No idea what happened to all of them. At one point they were in a large paper grocery bag (full) at my mom's house.

Thought about getting some of the newer ones, but have held off for the same reason as Mook Mook, costs and cats. Just looked up one of the available (ultimate) Millennium Falcon's and it was $1150.

Friend of mine just finished putting together Boba Fett's ship (Slave 1) after two years, which we all gave him crap for, seeing as how this isn't really the time to be building slave ships, LOL.

Feb 21, 2008
Aurora, IL
At work, I used a shelf that I basically filled with marvel mini figures. I added one plane before they shut down for the year. During stay at home I've done all of these. The helicarrier and tower are bootleg from Ali Express. The Milano also has the pod attached to the back of it.

Eventually I want to order the Bugatti and lambo.


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Mar 22, 2005
Bolingbrook IL
Don't have pics on my phone but I have always been a huge lego nerd. When I was a kid I geeked out on all the space stuff as it had the cooler colors vs the plain jane sets. My wife and family buys them for me as gifts as they never know what to get me. I've got about 3-4,000 bricks laying around in tubs of sets that were just meh. Some of the bigger ticket items I have displayed on my home office shelves.

Milinium Falcon, X wing, Y wing, AT-AT walker, Imperial Shuttle, Technic F&F Charger, Technic Dragster, 65 Mustang


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May 23, 2007
Avondale, AZ
Used to play w/ legos all the time when I was a kid. Back when Horizon 4 launched their lego expansion, it kind of sparked something in me again, so I picked up a couple of the lego speed champions cars that are featured in the game. The Senna and F40. But thats about the extent of my collection today. It was quite fun putting them together, made me feel like a kid again :LOL:







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May 23, 2008
Legos were my childhood. But when I moved out, I left them behind at my parents house. Huge tote of loose pieces. I used to build random stuff with my imagination, but my favorite set was the 4x4 Rebel Wrecker truck. That got me into tinkering with the technic electric motors for the drive wheels and steering. I also built a 8 foot tall high rise tower with a working motorized elevator, thats still standing in my old bedroom. I'd guess 25+ buckets of Lego bricks that thing.
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Nov 14, 2019
Bedford Park
I built the saturn 5 last summer, just finishing the lunar lander now. Did not know the ISS was a kit...might need to get that too. I also have no good place to put these so they usually end up going to work where my 3 and 5 year old wont destroy them. My wife just got me a set that has a charger and challenger in it too :)
I want Dom's charger that they sell next.
When i go to wrap my charger might have an apollo saturn 5 look to it :)