The history of the LS1


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Aug 16, 2005
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Bob Kazamakis

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Oct 24, 2007
The 3800'ers conveniently skip past the fact that most of them ran 13's with mods and that a LS1 auto 4th gen with headers, converter and a tire would go low 12s.
That’s not saying much. Stock 3800 is nearly a 15 second car. Stock ls f body was mid low 13’s.
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Jun 2, 2013
Before the LS1 came along, the scene was very mixed, you had some folks running 5.0-powerd Mustangs, some 4th gen LT1 people, and old school cars. Sure the GN was a cool car too but they were rarely seen out and about.

But when the LS1 debuted, it was game over. We had local guys running 13.0 bone stock which was unheard of back in the fall of '98. By May of 1999 we had run my buddy Hacker Joe's '98 Camaro down to 10.8@127 with nitrous, headers, tires, and a 9", Chicago had the first LS1 in the 10's (outside of the cars that W2W built for GM).
I ran 13.1 @ 108mph on a 2.1 60ft bone stock at a Cordova MFBA rental, wish I knew how to drive because I just needed a good 60ft to hit those walk on water numbers. Those were good times!!
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