the fabled "DontBsMe" clone/build/recipie


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Oct 26, 2020
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what is dontbsme?
it's a combination i developed, for the third stage/build of the colorado series.

I have always been obscesssed with horsepower per dollar and the economics behind it and after a while I chased some big numbers, 1000+whp to be exact on a stock bottom end combo with the colorado, but in that chase I feel like I lost sight of what regular people want to do and have the money to do, also i had a 1000+whp truck and to be honest you cant use all of that most of the time, and since i tout having working mans budgets and simple and effective, where i was with this setup, was none of them...

so i removed the whole 6.0 and huge 80mm billet turbo etc etc and scaled it all back and promised to install and show you how to build the most simple, cost effective 500whp possible, reliably and easily.

so i did.

i removed my proven and now reliable 800+whp daily combo and installed what i called "the dont bs me build"

and it is absolutely my favorite, and most copied, and frequently slams out power on all the builds people bring to me.

essentially all you need is any year make LS engine 4.8/5.3/6.0 iron boi or otherwise (aluminum stuff isnt usually economical
pac1218 valvesprings, sloppy stage 1-2 cams
i used all stock truck parts, intake accessories etc.
i decapped stock truck injectors, and installed a single 450lph walbro pump in the tank.
i used a VSracing 7875 billet gen1 turbo, and a single 44mm gate welded to the housing,
a generic small air to air 3 inch intercooler and was able to easily make over 500whp on the stock ecu on strait pump for a long time

the next phase of this was doing stock ecu flex fuel sensor things, decapping "larger" stock injectors and getting away with more fuel.

i would say the best iteration of this yet is using the holley terminator ecu now since it came out after i did the combo

frequently people come with this combo, twin 450s. snake eater 1000 injectors, and we crank 700-800whp depending on turbo size, but to be honest MOST vehicles 500whp is a handful and more than most people are looking for.

please enjoy this short summary! will probably update this later, but i must tune 50 cars a year that are "dontbsme" clones now smashing out 500+


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Oct 6, 2010
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Not paying plastic bag taxes
I have an SVO whose Uncle Rodney came a knockin, and I've been tempted to just duplicate this setup and drop it in. I'd hate to put an LS in a clean SVO, but the 2.3t is kind of a turd when trying to make good power.

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