Auto News The Big Short coming for the auto industry?

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Jan 20, 2008
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The interesting issue is with how few new cars were sold/leased during the pandemic compared and how that will affect the used market for cars that are 4 years and newer. I am still waiting to see if I need to be able to fit 3 car seats and that will determine what I need to get next. Been stuck in limbo with mazda3 for a while now.
The thing most people are forgetting is the lack of leases going out in 19/20/21/22. That is going to make used car prices stay high for a while because they aren’t getting lease returns back. That typical 36-38 month lease getting turned in is the bread and butter of the used car auction world. Without those, the used cars they do get are going to be priced higher.


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Auctions are seeing a lack of cars and many of the cars they do have aren't selling. I watched coverage of an auction and the only one talking on some of the cars was the auctioneer. He kept pushing cars through after no bids.
Auctions are so over priced right now, unless your dealership would like to buy a full truckload of cars at one time, that’s the only way to make some money.


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Loan delinquencies are up above pre pandemic levels.

Sounds like a lot of people should be cutting up their credit cards and not buying expensive new cars.

But that’s not the American way! Spend more than you make to keep up with everyone else or be the one upper!


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Car manufacturers slow down production, creates more demand for their products, gives them the ability to keep prices high, rinse repeat for eternity.
Rebates are coming back shortly, right now new car dealers are doing okay, but with out rebates which they need to move product, and use that rebate money for down payment loan to value, etc… they will be dead in the water if they don’t, Especially nissan lol.


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Jun 25, 2015
Car manufacturers slow down production, creates more demand for their products, gives them the ability to keep prices high, rinse repeat for eternity.
Yes but they typically slow down during the downturns. They are still ramping and recovering from the Covid supply chain issues. We will see a period of shoppers market before they dare to adjust.


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Here's an interesting video by Steve Lehto. He mentions that the piece of paper that looks like a title is actually a certificate of title, not the title itself. These people bought a car on Craigslist and received what they thought was the title. The previous owner, who sold the car to a flipper, still had a loan on the car and had obtained a duplicate title to use for her sale. The loan company, of course, would not release the actual title unless they got paid. This case is going to court. Sounds like it's a good idea to ask to see a seller's license and snap a pic of it as well as make sure the title name is the same as the license.

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