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Jan 26, 2015
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Nowheresville North Dakota
so just like i say here i really hate the political correctness and making sure no one gets hurt feelings. i hate when mods lock threads or delete posts or change users names....

well discussing this and on a bit of a rant (i would never do such a thing :rofl:)

one of the mods decided to ban me for expressing my disgust in the chat box lol

i made like 6 new email accounts and users to get around the ban and he kept banning me.

no big deal how many email providers do you thing there are on the internet? :bowrofl:

so i just had to last him changed my final user name to NOTSCOTT and posted in every single most recent thread so my freah new user name is down the entire side of the homepage. :rofl: im on paid leave until may i got nothing but time.......

i took screen shots on my phone to show my new NOTSCOTT user name down the entire right side.

:s00ls: user bans are easy to get around, just make a new email and user. maybe next time they will try an ip ban and then ill just use a vpn to get around it if i really get bored.....

checkmate assholes....

:rofl: most posts were "im bored" or "hi scott"

ill figure out how to post my screen shots tomorrow im tired.

mission complete im going to bed.


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May 23, 2007
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If you are primarily using your phone, download our app and just upload directly from that. If computer, Id suggest imgur for photo hosting. PB sucks dick for anything but storing gifs.

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Mar 22, 2005
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imgur is also a common default blocked service on many firewalls. I wouldn't recommend it but pb does also suck. Its slow.

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