EV Tesla Remotely Removes Autopilot Features From Customer's Used Tesla Without Any Notice

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Jan 20, 2008
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Transaction 1 was between Tesla and the original owner.

Transaction 2 was between Tesla and its dealer network.

Transaction 3 was between the dealer and retail buyer #2.

Transaction 1 has nothing to do with the next two transactions. Transaction 2 was Tesla auctioning a car to a dealer. The dealers bid on the car based on many factors which included the options listed by Tesla. It wasn't a communication error either. It was clearly listed by Tesla with those options when at auction. If the car shouldn't have had the options then Tesla made the error by listing the options and the car showing it had those options. Tesla later changed the terms of the sale after the second retail sale. That is the issue.

I hope the new car owner gets the options he was told the car had when he purchased it. Hopefully, the dealer doesn't get the bill for it either. Tesla needs to check it's policies and see how they can make sure these kinds of issues don't happen. Because it sounds like this isn't an isolated issue.

Anyone of us would be pissed if we were the car's new owner and this happened. You pay a price based on the options then they remove the options? Ya, no one is gonna shrug their shoulders and say "Oh well". Because no one could really justify the new owner of the car being shafted like that.
Oh I agree it’s bullshit, tesla definitely fucked up but it seems like an easy fix. But It’s not like it’s company policy to charge people for features and then take them away later. They fucked up, they need to fix it, they need to do better next time. Like I said, this is lack of experience from being a new car company


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May 13, 2009
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This is an interesting concept, does anyone have the answer? Not talking about this one-off situation.

On a regular car, premium options depreciate with the car since they aren't easily removed & resold. Such does not need to be the case with software.

@willizm do you know how this works? Is there anything to stop tesla from removing all the software upgrades from the original purchase when a car is traded in, then offering them as a full price option when selling a certified Tesla?

I googled it but all I can find is reference to this article
As far as I understand the software or free supercharging/premium connectivity are things that once Tesla receives the car, they could choose to remove and sell since they are not physical features of the car. Think if you traded in your cell phone and all the apps and stuff you paid for doesn't transfer over to the new owner that buys your old phone. i know it's not exactly a apples to apples comparison but conceptually it's kinda like that. If Tesla takes ownership of the car then they can choose to change any of those terms and they have done this in the past.


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Mar 2, 2004
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Wow, what colossal multiple fuckups for many customers. I really would like to have a Tesla, but with all those potential issues, I think I'll pass for now.

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