EV Tesla Cybertruck


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Aug 16, 2005
I dont think I could even lay down in that bed.
why you always lying noragami aragoto GIF

Mike K

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Apr 11, 2008
Don't they have a ton of deposits for these?

Instead of putting out this weird truck they could have focused on a decent sized SUV and there would have been a lot of consumer interest.
Tesla lives and dies on the whimsy of Elon Musk and he happened to be hell bent on impressing Grimes when this was a thing.

Had they, oh I don't know, released it either when they said they would, at the price point they promised or with the features it was promised it would have, I could have seen it being kind of a cool niche thing.

When it was originally rolled out they said the simplicity of the design would mean pricing would start under $40,000 for 300+ miles of range. For a six seater, that's pretty cool in the EV space. It was supposed to be this exoskeleton vehicle where the body was the frame. I remember at the time thinking that this would be a cool, cheaper alternative to the Model X which at the time was selling for north of $70,000 for even the cheapest used one.

Fast forward five years and the car has basically become a meme. It's pretty clear it's going to start for most likely double the original advertised price, it's not an exoskeleton, it's been built with basically no utility, is built with materials that clearly expose Tesla's quality issues, has had five years to age which in the life of a vehicle is an entire life-cycle and to cap it all off: Elon Musk is kind of a megalomaniac and has alienated half his customer base, leaving largely a potential pool of customers that don't want electric cars to begin with. It's just the perfect storm of failure. Oh yeah, those deposits... They were $100 refundable deposits.

Now go look at the Tesla Roadster. Announced in 2017, not a single second Gen Tesla Roadster appears to exist and the design already looks old. It is now going on 7 years. And they took a very real $50,000 deposit for those.


You have to give Tesla credit for their powertrains, shaking up the way cars are sold and just making cool stuff. But you can't rest on those laurels forever and Tesla has rapidly lost their first mover advantage.

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May 24, 2007
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