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Nov 20, 2008
Ah dang just seen this. Kinda rapid fire here:

I recommend dry brining the day before the cook. (Salt or bbq rub that has salt in it on elevated grate in fridge). Trim before doing this.

Definitely recommend a few things on trim;
Save tallow and trimmings to render down during the cook, use to smother during wrap and again before resting in cooler.
If you dont do brisket frequently, id recommend not trimming fat cap too aggressively. Meat side, get rid of silver skin and fat there. Thats what will inhibit bark development. Harry soo has an excellent brisket trim video on the tewbz.
If you want perfect presentation, aggressively trim the flat so its got uniform thickness. Really skinny flat areas will either dry out or overcook.

I recommend cooking fat cap toward the fire source.

Timing is kind of dependent on your cooler or oven. Looking to keep it above 140 during the rest. My Coleman cooler will normally keep a 170* IT 13 lbs brisket above 140 for about 7 hours. Longest ive ever rested a brisket has been 10 hours, there really isnt any penalty to it. I prolonged by sticking it back in the oven and kept it away from going above 170 IT. My oven will do about 170. A lot of bbq restaurants like Franklin rest them for a longer time than that.

I normally wrap with butcher paper, but on a pellet grill i get worried about a fire. Especially if you wrap with tallow. This actually happened to Harry Soo. I would do foil. I think something like the "foil boat method" is something id try to get the best of both worlds.

Id do an overnight cook if you have a reliable alarm or MEATER, and aim for done time around early or mid morning.

Before resting it in cooler, let the brisket IT get somewhere near 170. In my past experiences, if you rest at 190+ you'll get pulled beef and bark will deteriorate. Also, i recommend another round of tallow to be put on.

Ive adopted smoking at 250 and cranking to 300 after wrapping. I think higher temp helps render fat.

I wrap when bark is developed, not at a given internal temp. Ive had them go as high as 180 before ive wrapped. If you drag your finger on it and rub comes off, bark isnt set yet.

I start checking for doneness at 190 IT, I've had them done then but also high as 207. Should have resistance like a prob going through peanut butter.

Hickory is an excellent choice for brisket.

Definitely cut across grain. I like to start by cutting in half. Juiciest and best parts are the slices with point and flat, especially if the vein of fat between is fully rendered down.

Sorry if i threw in some super obvious ones in there.
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Mar 1, 2004
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I'm dry brining my standing rib roast now for Saturday. Scares me a little to do it so long unwrapped in the fridge but reviews are good for the long brine. Don't want to dry age it so I am watching it.

I decided to just sous vide the ribs and cook the roast in my Weber gas. Amy said I couldn't use the oven. She has a bunch of sides that need it. I'll use the oven at 450* to get it started for 20 mins and then put it on the grill at 325.


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Oct 19, 2008
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What temp do you guys consider sane to run a smoker down to? Supposed to be 45 next week for a day or two.
I feel like it depends on your smoker wall build and if you have a smoker blanket deal. I have a double steel wall pellet smoker and have cooked below freezing without too much issue.
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May 11, 2009
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Man that looks good. I really need to make an over the top chili soon.

I picked up a 9# shoulder to smoke for XMas Eve night at my girls parents house. The sub zero temps should make this cook fun. I plan on getting onto the Traeger between 3:00-4:00am Saturday morning. Dinner is at 5:30PM. The week prior I did two 7.5# shoulders and they were both done and resting after just 9 hours.
I gotta say, 2022 has been the year of the pork should over here. I wanna say I've done 20-25 this year. Parties, neighbors and friends of friends asking to make one for them.
2023 I think I'm going to toss my hat back into the brisket basket and fine tune that skill. I'm not a huge fan of brisket but I know a lot of people like them. So I'm sure I'll have no problem feeding people with that instead.


Go ahead. I'll catch up.
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Mar 1, 2004
Selling homes on the Gulf Coast of Florida
I need to run my Weber kettle at 150 to smoke my sous vide ribs. I'm going to use the snake method and only light a small amount of one end. My temp control gizmo should keep it reasonably close to 150. It turns its fan on and off depending on temps. Then I rotate the ribs to keep them indirect. 4 slabs so I will probably need to use my electric smoker for some of them. I'm going to use Hickory to get some solid smoke flavor.