Gaming Super Bomberman R 2: A Disappointing Dud?


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Jun 28, 2007
I bought this the other as it was on sale for $20 from $50. I bought it for the SNES nostalgia and was hoping for updated graphics/weapons etc. It does, but it just doesn't feel like it plays the same. I think I just need some more time playing. I was looking for a single-screen multiplayer game for me and the kids or the kids and the cousins. I feel like that $20 would have been better spent getting two more wireless controls for my Raspberry Pi and playing the original on SNES.

I'll give it some more time. And I really haven't spent much time in the "campaign/story" mode, so maybe that'll add value.

Biggest disappointment so far is not having the legacy maps and very limited 'new' maps. Maybe you can unlock more over time.