Sunday Morning Cars & Coffee - 2020


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May 23, 2007
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I should have a new thread up tomorrow or Monday

Initially, it will a TCG posted event only. No social media. Obviously, I encourage you guys to share the thread with you friends, but I would prefer its not directly shared on FB. But I'll have all those details ready soon.


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Mar 10, 2004
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I don't post much on TCG but I am in the FB group. Damned shame this all fell apart - kudos to the guys willing to put a new location together. I attended when I could (usually depended on the wife's mood) - have the lowered silver Porsche Cayman :)

I wouldn't recommend posting anything about the new location in the FB group until that group gets weeded out or shut down and restarted anew. Or like kyesburrell above said. But the Facespace is moar convenient ;)

My buddy Mike owns a Ridler Window Tinting up in LITH - he came to a handful of the Calibre ones - said he'd be happy to host some guys on Sundays at the shop in an effort to try to help... but there's no coffee nearby. It'd just be a bunch of us standing around in the lot or in the shop.... figure that's probably not worth it.

If this Elgin place doesn't work out - do we really NEED prior permission? (Honest question, I've never tried to set up regular things like this) - if a core group of guys just so happen to meet every week for coffee at, say, a local Starbucks that has a big lot... has experience told you guys this is problematic?

IMO Calibre event seemed best when it was like 15-20 of us anyways. I'd rather be with a small group of good guys who "get it" then have a bunch of random gawking riff-raff around....
I agree with much of this, but I have to say it was really great to see the turnout that it became before it went to shit. The different types of cars that were there every week made it great.

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