Stuffed portobello Mushrooms?


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Jun 23, 2011
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Bartlett, IL
Anyone got a good recipe for them? I know there is tons on web.. Would rather have one from someone who made them before.


Go ahead. I'll catch up.
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Mar 1, 2004
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Not stuffed mushrooms but I created a recipe for deep fried portabello mushrooms with a butter/oil/garlic sauce.

I used to fry them in a pan but thought a deep fryer might work better. It does.

2 or 3 Portabello mushrooms.

4T virgin olive oil.

2T good butter.

2 or more cloves of garlic depending on how much you like garlic.

Ingredients are estimated. I just dump until it looks right.

Chop up portabellos into around 1/2-1" pieces. Drop these into a deep fryer. They may bubble fast because of the water content. Add them slowly.

While they are cooking heat oil and butter in a pan on medium/high. Chop up garlic and cook the garlic for around 30 seconds, stirring as needed. Remove pan from heat. If the pan is still cooking the sauce, you may want to remove it before it browns the garlic. If the garlic gets brown, the sauce will get bitter. You want to release the garlic flavor but not caramelize the garlic.

Pull the mushrooms when they slow down bubbling. It's around 4 minutes, give or take with my fryer. This means most of the water is gone and the mushroom flavor is compacted into the mushrooms. You want most of the water out but not all. They get dried out if you cook them too long. They should still be juicy, just smaller and more flavorful.

Shake them in paper towels to remove most of the oil. Dump them in a bowl and drizzle the sauce over them. Heaven.

If you get the chance, try it with Morel mushrooms. Even better.

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