BUILD Strtcar's 1986 Mustang Convertible


Oct 28, 2007
I've always had a soft spot for fox vert's so I bought this in 2015. I'm the third owner (60k miles), the car spent it's entire life in IL and surprisingly has zero rust, it's spotless. Originally this was going to be a coyote swap car however, already having one swap I missed the sound of a classic sbf (and the oil leaks) so decided to keep this one more of a traditional 90's build.

Car started its life out as a 1986 LX 3.8 v6, c5 auto, 7.5". The goal is to make it a great handling car with 325-350hp and do autocross events, perhaps even some HPDE, this won't be a drag car.

Planned mods are as follows, I have 90% of this stuff collected already:

Full Stifflers Catalog (FIT system, driveshaft loop, cross member)
Full MM Catalog (kmember, PHB, TA, CC Plates, Steering Shaft, Hydroboost, etc...)
Koni coilovers on all 4
2003 Cobra R&P
2003 Cobra Brakes
SN95 Hydroboost
All new SS Brake Lines (Hard & Soft)
2006 FRPP 302 Shortblock leftover from previous build
TFS 170 Heads
Anderson N41 Cam
GT40 Tubular intake
Holley Terminator X EFI
T5Z 5 Speed
Built 8.8 w/3.73 5 lug (wheels still tbd)
Ford Motorsports shorty headers
2.5" Flowmaster 40 series (Is drone such a thing in a convertible?)
Paint the trim, but leave the rest of the car as is, maybe swap to black top
Leave interior 100% stock, hope to just use the terminator x 3.5" dash for gauges.
Rollbar for autocross & hpde

etc.... etc....