Stand Up Move: Steve Saleen steps in to honor warrantees from his former company


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May 23, 2007
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Just like the majority of the automotive industry, recent news about Saleen hasn't been great. After going broke and selling most of their assets, Saleen Inc. announced that they were ceasing operations and would not be honoring existing warranties on cars and parts. To make things worse, the new owner of the Saleen car and aftermarket lines, MJ Acquisitions, Inc., refused to take the responsibility as well, only honoring warranties on parts purchased after February 2, 2009. It appeared that Saleen owners were out of luck. Enter Steve Saleen, who, despite not being involved with the company since the middle of 2007, has just announced that his new company, SMS Supercars, will honor existing warranties on Saleen products.

It's a move that's classy, honorable, and in our opinion pure genius. We could be wrong, but we're guessing that any costs incurred by SMS will be offset by the flood of faithful customers that will gratefully switch their loyalty from the company to the man that bears the Saleen name. Judging from a handful of owners' reactions, the announcement has already had that effect. With an SMS version of the 2010 Mustang on the way, it will be interesting to see just how many Saleen owners return the favor. Check out the press release after the jump for more details on how current Saleen owners can receive warranty coverage from SMS.

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