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Jul 15, 2007
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Chicago (Southside)
Does anyone buy all in one remotes anymore? Ala the Logitech Harmony series. Or do all the new higher end TVs take care of it? Looking for something to control a tv, sound bar, Blu-ray player and fire stick. The tv and sound bar don’t communicate because the tv is a DLP (remember those? Yeah) so it’s old! If the tv dies it’ll get replaced by some 75-80 inch tv but the picture is still great so don’t really need to trash it.

Was also considering the amazon fire tv since it supposedly knows how to multi task, but realized that it can switch the tv inputs, however the tv only has 1 hdmi input, I use a manual switch to change the inputs.

Might just also not even worry about it too..


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May 23, 2007
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Avondale, AZ
I've been using this basic one for a while.

When I bought it, it came w/ the hub also. It does the trick for what I need. I dont have many inputs I need to switch between, just my dish, xbox, and ps4. And its programmed so I can press one button and it'll even turn my xbox on and switch my receiver input to the correct one. Anything else like netflix, amazon or youtube is handled by my tv's apps so i just use my tv remote for those.

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