Shelby is a tool, sueing his enthusiasts


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Aug 3, 2007
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He must be taking a page from Fords book.

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Sep 10, 2007
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wow thats fucking ridiculous.

this post sums up my feelings towards that situation.

"You'll have what little I can spare. This is ridiculous. I will refrain from making comment about you-know-who as I hope everyone else will. But to say that these cars devalue or diminish the originals is ludicrous, especially the coupe. If it wasn't for replicas no one under 40 would even know what these cars were. They would be a footnote in history, left in the 60's where they were great. Only a memory in the minds of old farts like me and some of you. Do they really think we'd be talking about these cars 40 years later if there had been no replicas? It's like they say "what have you done for me LATELY, baby".

And what are they thinking of by going after the forum??? That is VERY disturbing.

Money sent. Please remind me monthly until this is done."

This part gave me a chuckle as well..

" Yes Bill, I will send money.

I also suggest that we get all those FFR members who have a Shelby signed dash and or glove boxes to take a picture of them and e-mail them to Factory Five and along with whatever info they have about it. Anyone have a Factory Five or shirt signed by Shelby, that would be good.

I am trying to be very careful about not making disparaging remarks here. The following is fact. Many of us have been to such events where "signings" are being done, like at at the California Speedway. I can't possibly see how Mr. Shelby can claim that he didn't know exactly whose "cobra replicas" those dash boards belonged to that he was personally signing his name to (exactly the same "authentication" he places on his "Shelby" cars).

I think it would be a difficult sell to now claim that one thought all those FFR roadster owners were "Shelby Cobra" owners, and who just decided to rip the dash out of their $500,000+ cars to get Mr. Shelby's signature on them. But, wait a minute, "Shelby Cobras" already came with his signature on them. At any rate it will make very interesting listening to hear an explanation of that decade's long brain fart to the jury."

Pretty sad that C.S. Would do this to just simply make a few extra bucks.. theres no reason to do this.

I guess Porsche might as well go after all the replica makers as well of the various 356, and 550 bodies.


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May 24, 2007
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It must cost a lot of money to keep that man alive. I'm sure they're collecting funds for his next heart transplant, #3.

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