🔧 BUILD Shawns 1971 Impala Donk

LS Swap
So the LS swap was already in the plans the day I bought the car lol. Picked up a LQ4 6.0 (short block) from @IZZy
Dropped it off to the guy doing the swap and building the top end. @Satera_Tuning gave me some 317 heads for my motor. Now as you have probably noticed, I have a habit of doing shit twice lol. I knew deep down I was more than likely going to throw some boost at it and should have had the motor built for it the first time. I didnt as I told myself, I'm not going to throw that much boost at it, yeah right lol. Anyway, had the heads worked over, BTR stage 2 cam, headers, picked up a LS3 intake mani. Had the valve and timing covers powder coated orange. @Carl@Redline built me a 4L80 with a converter for the car. Swap took a lot longer than expected as that was the start of Covid delaying everything and anything in this world. The car made okay power, had @Satera_Tuning tune it and iirc it was 370ish to the wheels. This is the short version of the swap, dont want to drag it out and bore people

Yes it has AC


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