BUILD Shawns 1971 Impala Donk

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Interior was done by a guy who up in Milwaukee Wi who did a few other interiors for me. I wanted to originally keep the bench, but that shit was just way to uncomfortable. Him and I talked 4-5 times as like usual I'm always changing my mind. I was originally gonna keep the front bench and re-do the interior in black to factory standards and thats probably what I should have done. But I decided to go with power buckets and do the interior pretty much full custom. Everything was done in black leather with suede inserts on the seats and brown stitching to match the paint. Had a center console built from front to rear. Rear seats are the original seats but he cut out the center, but left the frame of the seats together in case I ever wanted to go back to original. So it gives the appearance of buckets in the back, but they arent. LED lighting was installed thru out, rear deck was re-done to match. Headliner done in black suede as well as the rear sail panels.

Interior was done like Feb 2022 and in Feb 2023 I had the door panels and rear panels done back to look more like factory. The door panels just never did anything for me and as they grew on me, I fucking hated them lol.

Not interior related but its upholstery lol. My vinyl top needed to be replaced, the guy I bought the car from said it was the original top. Upholstery guy who did my door panels also did my top, and he said it wasnt the original but was old AF. So for the last year I went back and forth on vinyl or cloth and could not make my damn mind up. I saw pics of cloth tops but pics dont really tell the whole story. I was down in the Orlando area in Nov 2022 and met a guy with a black 71 hard top like mine with a black cloth top. I took one look at it and said thats what the fuck I'm doing. So that was done in Feb 2023 as well.

I still may go back to an original pattern on the seats but still keeping the buckets. The more Donks I see that had the interior re-done to OG specs the more I wanna do it as its just a clean/classy look imo. But that wouldnt happen until next winter if I do it.

Ill add pics of how the door panel look now when I take some and better pics of the top.


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