Selling stuff on Facebook.


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Mar 2, 2008
I hate people more and more ever fucking day

$300 pair of jeep xj axles...



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Sep 29, 2007


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May 24, 2007
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Not Facebook but eBay.

Been looking for a Yamaha Viper RC snowmobile for GF's kid for a while now and didn't want to pay the eBay prices. Was at L&M Fleet Supply in Rhinelander and they had a dozen of them on the shelf. WTF? I bought one and gave it to him at Christmas. It was DOA when he opened it, wouldn't turn left. OK, I will try and return it and buy another one. L&M was all out of them in the store but said they had a few in the warehouse. I said fuck it I will take them all. Ended up getting only two more. Figured I would get at least one that worked. Got a blue and orange viper and it had no issues. Put the other one on eBay thinking I would make a buck as I paid $79.99 for it at the store. (They sell for a few hundred on eBay)

I really should have kept it until Christmas because I ended up losing money on it. Sold for $105 and after eBay selling fees down to $88 in my "pocket". Paid $37 to ship it to Wisconsin. FUCK I should have just returned the dam thing. Lady received it and said it was broken and does not turn on. I'm like great, 2 out of 3 vipers are broken. She messaged me about the issue and then opened a refund request with eBay. So I'm kinda fucked here since eBay hasn't paid me yet. I would refund her and try to return it at the store if the box isn't all fucked up. The problem is no one is going to refund my original shipping and eBay wants ME to pay to ship the defective product back to me. I would likely be losing ~$90 on this sale. Sucks the toy is DOA but it was new and unopened. I suggested she open an RMA with the manufacturer or try and return it to L&M. If eBay refunds her im likely going to delete my banking and address info and close my eBay account. I don't need to buy anything from them anymore.

Am I being a dick?