Selling stuff on Facebook.


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Aug 27, 2013
South suburbs
Just an obvious PSA, I fucking HATE selling anything, doesn't matter what it is, I hate people.


It's been awhile since I've sold something, but I've dealt with some idiots.

A few years ago I was selling a pair of leather oem Mustang seats for $50. They were in really nice shape other than a little fretting on the outside bolster of the driver's seat. They were worth way more than $50, but I got them for cheap and just wanted them out of my way after I had no use for them. A dude shows up offering $25 because he has a "show car" and would need to have them repaired if they were going to go in his car. I told him he shouldn't be looking at $50 seats if he has a show car.


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May 24, 2007
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I offered him $400 like 3 weeks ago. He keeps dropping the price. What happened to those 1200 inquiries?



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Jul 26, 2008
FINALLY sold my car, never again. I had at least 100 people message me about it, asking fucking STUPID questions that were already answered in the ad just to go away. I even started taking offers for half the asking price because I knew these MF's still wouldn't show up. What the fuck is everyone's issue? Does it help them sleep at night to waste other people's time? Why the FUCK are you messaging someone about something you're in no position to buy anything?? I already hated people, there is no more faith in humanity, everyone is a stupid fucking idiot.

/rant again