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Jul 14, 2020
** SHOP CAR FOR SALE @ $85,000 obo **

2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat - Under 12,500 Miles on chassis (may go up as we drive it before weather nose dives)

Under 5,000 miles on engine and under 500 miles on everything else.

If she is not sold within 48 hours - She will be parted out!

This is a steal and very rare opportunity to purchase a turn key 8 second street car... With potential to run 7s by simply adding a cage and turning boost up!

Best 1/4 mile: 8.57 @ 164mph @ 21-22psi of boost

Best 1/8 mile: 5.58 @130mph

Best 60ft: 1.31 sec

Best 60 to 130mph: 3.59 sec

Best 0-60mph: 2.5 sec

With a weight of over 4400lbs+ without driver. Ran 8s with the cooled/vented seats on.

Made over 1480whp / 1520tq @ 27psi spinning the tire on the dyno.

Never run at this power level at track - Most boost at the track has been 22psi...

Basic Build specs:

2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat - Under 13,000 miles on chassis

🟢 Satera Tuning engine bay Twin Turbo Kit

🟢 @precisionturbo Twin 6466 Mirror Image Turbos

🟢 426cui Billet Bottom End short block

🟢 @thitek Big Bear Heads

🟢 Billet Evolution Billet Valve Covers

🟢@sipplespeedandperformance built HP90 w/ Protorque converter

🟢 G1pro Custom Sheet Metal Intake Mani w/2000hp A2W Intercooler

🟢 @injectordynamics ID1700x Injectors

🟢 @foreinnovations Triple 285 Pump Return Fuel System

🟢 @fi_interchillers stage2 Chiller System

🟢 @driveshaftshop 1 Piece DS and Axles

🟢 @per4mancedevelopment Rear Diff Brace

🟢 Satera Tuning Parachute Mount

🟢 @AAD Drag suspension setup

🟢 @TCE 15" Wheel Conversion

🟢 Turbosmart Eboost2 Boost Controller

🟢 Completed Removable Parachute

🟢Custom Full wrap by Satera Auto Detailing - Hunter Green Chrome wrap w/ Green Carbon Fiber center stripe with neon green pin stripe

🟢 Will come with drag wheels only - Forgestart D5 18" fronts and 15" Beadlock rears - 2 used sets of 315/60 ET street R's as well.

** Asking $85,000 obo **

Pm us or give us call for more details.

Satera Tuning

☎ 331.444.4570

📧 [email protected]
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