Salvage Title Questions


Dec 14, 2016
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Chicago, IL
Hey guys, did a search but didn't find any recent topics on this.

I recently purchased a new track toy with what I believed to be a rebuilt title (purchased sight unseen, had the vehicle shipped). It arrived with a North Carolina Salvage Certificate of Title and under "Title Brands" it has highlighted Salvage Rebuilt. This was a red flag for me as I thought I would be getting an actual title with rebuilt noted on it, not a certificate of salvage. Maybe I'm wrong?

Do you think this will be an issue that would require having someone in IL with a rebuilders license go through all the steps of having a salvage vehicle titled, or should this be fine and registered as-is?

Also, if you think this will need to go through a rebuilder, does anyone have any recommendations?
The vehicle is already repaired, but I don't mind paying someone for their time and helping with this. Would just like to get it registered ASAP.

This is my first time going through something like this and I'm trying to minimize the time I take off work and time spent at the DMV.

Thank you!

- Caleb

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