s197 guys&gals, need some guidance.....

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Jul 22, 2012
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Before I ask, let me clarify that I have done no test fitting yet, because the car is still being driven daily until October, so no time at the moment to be ripping the wheels off it.

Now, as u can see in my sig, I have a 2006 GT that currently cruises around on 18" bling blings, lol. I have a set of minty mint 15" Pro Stars (true pro stars, not jegs or summit stars) that I got for track days, rsd, etc. Theyre a shit ton lighter then the blings blings.

I'm new to these cars, and have been trying to research my options as far as running the pro stars on my car. The rears are 15x8, with 5.5 backspacing.

These are the options I found:

1.)Buy a swar bar relocation kit
2.)remove the rear sway bar all together

Now, I may be wrong, but I think both options require me trimming the mounting bracket, correct?

That's my first question. Now on to my 2nd question.... if there is a clearence issue created by the sway bar, and brackets, is it possible to run a small spacer? Its not like the car makes huge power, its as stock as it came new lol. I know the dangers of spacers, so no need to travel that road. Again, I'm just curious to know if that could work, with keeping the rear sway bar.

Question 3, have any of u just removed the rear sway bar all together and raced/drove ur car that way? How'd it feel to u if u did?

My issue is, I'm not a fan of cutting things on my car, like factory mount points for something. So if I can get away with a spacer, or just removing the sway bar to run these rims, I'll do it.

I suppose if my only option is to trim those brackets, I may as well just spend the $50.00 and buy the sway bar relocation kit for it. I've driven and raced cars in the past with no sway bars, but not one of these.

Please excuse my newbness with this. I'm just trying to find the path of least resistance.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Jun 2, 2008
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You don't need a sway bar relocation on an 8" wheel just the 9"+ widths. So you dont need to mess with the sway bar at all for that wheel. As for fitting you will need to grind the caliper bracket and caliper to fit a prostar and run a spacer with a shank style lug nut on the rear. On the front you need 3" studs, a large spacer and most people have to grind the caliper on the front as well. They stick out past the fender, and looks like shit IMHO. Join up on Welcome to S197 Forums. The only forum on the internet dedicated solely to the S197 Mustang! there is a TON of posts and a CONFIRMED 15" WHEEL FITMENT thread that has tons of good information about 15" set-ups. If you have any other questions let me know.

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