:run: HPTuners 2.24 released!


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Oct 19, 2008
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Son of a bitch! Why do they chose to release this a few weeks after I stop using mine...WTF


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Mar 1, 2008
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New Scanner With Updated Interface
This release upgrades existing user’s scanners with new graphics, configurable gauges, 12 configurable histograms, variable speed playback, and copy and paste functions that work seemlessly with the VCM Editor

Additionally, owners of the VCM Scanner do not have to upgrade in order to tune, now, they can simply add credits to the Scanner and start tuning!

Other New Features Highlights:
289 New GM PCM/TCM Files Supported
72 New Ford PCM Files Supported
2.5 Bar Custom Operating Systems for E38 and E67
New E38 and E67 Parameters for Idle, Spark, Fuel and ETC
Ford Scanner Update for Faster Scanning
New 97-04 V6 Injector Tables Added To All 700+ Operating Systems
T43 TCM's Receive 150+ Tables Including TM & TCC Lockup Tables
Dodge Scanner Added and Dodge Beta Support System Installed
E77/E69 PCM Enhancements Including Fuel, Spark, Fan, and Boost Related Parameters
Extended Model Year Support:
2010-13 Camaro V8 ECM/TCM + ZL1
2009-13 Corvette ECM/TCM + ZR1
2009-13 CTS V8 ECM/TCM
2009-13 Savana/Express V8 gas
2009-12 Savana/Express 4.3L v6
2009 G8 V8
2010 G8 V6
2009-2013 Escalade ECM/TCM
2009-2013 Silverado/Sierra V8 E38 ECM, T42/T43 TCM
2011-2013 Silverado/Sierra E78 ECM
2013 Silverado/Sierra E37 ECM
2009-2013 Tahoe ECM/TCM
2009-2013 Suburban ECM/TCM
2009-2013 Avalanche ECM/TCM
2009-2012 Colorado/Canyon I4, I5 & V8
2009-10 Mustang V8 ECM

New Applications:

GMPP Crate Motor PCM Support and Custom Operating Systems!
HP Tuners’ latest release includes everything you need to tune GM Performance Parts Crate Engines. This means that whether you are installing a stock crate motor as it sits or adding 20 PSI of boost, HP Tuners has what you need to get it tuned! This includes extending the MAF range and real VE Table that is scalable to 2.5 bar!!

First to market with 1.4l Cruze, Sonic, and Vauxhall support!
With GM’s introductions of the 1.4l in the Sonic, Cruze, and Vauxhall, there has been a clamoring from enthusiasts around the world for tuning support. HP Tuners has risen to the challenge and introduced the best tuning package available for the 1.4l Ecotec engine package!

More New Applications!
2009+ Allison TCM
2012 Camaro V6
2002-2012 Ford BA, BF & FG
2007 Chevy Equinox 3.4l
2011 Chevy Impala V6
2012 Chevy Traverse 3.6l
2012 GMC Acadia 3.6l
2012 Buick Enclave 3.6l
2002-03 Buick Rendezvous V6
2010 Holden Captiva 3.6l
2010-2011 Cadillac SRX 3.0l
2006-2007 Pontiac Montana 3.9l
2009-12 Chevy Malibu 2.4l
2012 Buick Regal 2.4l
2012 Chevy Captiva 2.4l
2007 Chevy Malibu 2.2l
2007/2009 Chevy HHR 2.2l
2000 Isuzu Hombre 2.2l
2009-2010 Cobalt SS/TC 2.0l
2013 Vauxhall Astra 1.4l
2013 Buick Encore 1.4l
2011-2013 Cruze 1.4
2012-2013 Sonic 1.4l

Other Information
As usual existing customers can access and update all of the current information about your product via your customer login here. Things such as your current application key, available software downloads, and general information is available there. If you have not created an account yet, please register now.

Review of our general release & beta release methodology HERE.

A complete list of new features and bug fixes can be found HERE.

Obtaining the update
All customers can login to download and install VCM Suite. Updates are FREE to all customers. MPVI customers who have never logged in, please create an account.

Please note that not all listed features and new vehicle types are available on serial interfaces.

For all ordering and pricing information on any of the new vehicles listed above, please see our Shop Online and Supported Vehicles page.

- The HP Tuners team.


Nov 15, 2005
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HPTuners.com >> Performance At Your Fingertips


Downloading now. I don't know what's new or what they added, but I'm freekin PUMPED to see HPT alive and well and bringing an update to the app after a couple years of only minor beta releases.

:fy: :run:

Holy fuckballs! It's about time! That only took about 5+ years. Saying that is a little bit of a departure from their planned release matrix would be an understatement!

Every time I looked at this I had to laugh.



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Nov 14, 2008
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The 007
And you can do you Burban Eagle !

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