Rumormill: Cadillac Volt coming to Detroit?


El Presidente
May 23, 2007
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Through some circumstantial evidence, "rumblings" and tea leave-reading, Autoweek has come to the conclusion that General Motors may unveil a new Cadillac model at the Detroit Auto Show powered by the Chevrolet Volt's range-extending hybrid powertrain.

Rumors of a Caddy-badged Volt have been circulated since earlier this year, with Bob Lutz and other GM execs hinting at the possibility of new hybrid model joining the Cadillac line-up. Lutz told reports back in September that "there's definitely room" for an eco-conscious Caddy and that "there's going to have to be some kind of dramatic environmental statement" from GM's luxury brand. So what form could it take?

Opel and Vauxhall versions of the Volt are already planned, but a Cadillac variant would likely be a small- to mid-size crossover. Just such a vehicle is slated to arrive in the second quarter of 2009 – the next generation SRX -- inspired by the Provoq concept unveiled earlier this year. While the Volt is supposed to carry a price tag of around $40,000, the range-extended, plug-in hybrid CUV from Cadillac would be priced significantly higher, and that could help GM recoup some of the costs associated with the Volt's advanced drivetrain development. We'll know for sure in a few weeks time.

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