Rod/Main bearing sizing


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Mar 2, 2014
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Wichita, KS
Since this is now a 3000GT/Stealth forum, I thought I would share some information that was posted over on 3SI. Spun bearings is a relatively common thing on 6G72s (mostly from dented oil pans, but still, always nice to find better solutions). This is something I had long wondered about on those cars but hadn't put in any serious research to try and find an answer. Basically, the rod/main bearings on those cars are significantly narrower than the rods/journals. A member over there has located some wider bearings that should work. Here is a pic of the new bearing in a rod cap so you can see how much wider this bearing is compared to the old bearing track.

Point of the story is, I haven't paid much attention to our bottom ends, but I was wondering if the same situation may be present and whether or not something similar could be applied on our engines. Even if not, I thought it was an interesting idea. Here is a link to the thread. I will be following the results closely.

Finally a solution for our narrow rod bearings. - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center


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Jun 16, 2007
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Our cranks have a rather generous fillet at the sides of the journals because of our split pin crankshaft design.
I honestly don't think there's a whole lot of room to play with their your best option is to make sure you custom lap the rods for the journal width to have minimal rod side play

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