RIP Alex Mills, Creator of FinalGear website


Aka "That Focus RS Guy"
Sep 19, 2010
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Buffalo Grove
Alex Mills is the guy who created FinalGear, which I'm sure is where we all got our * Gear torrents from.

Only 34 years old, Leukemia.

Mills, who ran the Top Gear fan site and helped drive much of the show’s popularity and recognition outside of the U.K., died this past Wednesday, nine days after he wrote a blog entry titled “Leukemia Has Won.”

In that entry, Mills said that despite his best efforts “over the past two and a half years” with leukemia, his liver had become too damaged to continue treatment, and that there were “no further options.”

He didn’t want to stay in the hospital, he said, so he went home to be with family and friends.

The next blog update after that came from Mills’ family, and said he “passed peacefully” on Feb. 27. The family thanked people worldwide for their love and support, and said it meant a lot to both Mills and themselves.

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