Refire at Mobil 47/14


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Sep 17, 2005
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Who was that in the Redfire Cobra that pulled onto the Mobil Station lot on Hwy 47 at 14 in Woodstock last night at around 9:20.
I had to hit my brothers house in Lake in the Hills. I was in the newer Silver Jeep Grand Cherokee with Wi tags that you went around to get to the pump. Looked like someone else may have been following you onto the lot. He was keeping close. I didnt take Mr Nazty out last night like I had planned. I had boxes to get while down there.
Nice ride but get some exhaust on there. :headbang:

Plus the wife knows that anytime I take it down there, there is a good chance Ill end up lining it up and she gets kind of pissed.

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