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2023 Update/Current Mods:
Integrated Engineering V1 CAI
Integrated Engineering turbo inlet elbow
Emanuel Design lowering springs
Shop DAP wheel spacers
VW Motorsport wheels
Yokohama Advan V601



After stressing over what to buy for the last few weeks I’ve finally made a decision and I’m happy with it.

Picked up a 2018 GTI SE w/ DSG & leather interior. Was the last 2018 GTI sitting on the lot at Emich VW in Denver and was heavily discounted.






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Aug 16, 2005
I think this might jump up to the top of my next upgrade list. I’ve always thought the sound system on this car was shit, especially coming from the SVT Focus w/ factory sub.

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This came stock in my Arteon. Pretty cool and sounds decent. On mine, it gives me a bass adjustment and a separate subwoofer adjustment in the EQ.
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Apr 19, 2009
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I've seen them for sale on VWVortex every now and again. I know some subs fit MK7.5's only and some are for the MK7s.
Yeah saw one on Facebook for $350 yesterday and reminded me that this was an option. Guy didn’t want to ship it though.

But I’d be ok with dropping the $600 for a decent audio upgrade that would retain 50% of its value when I want to sell. Would just need to find someone with the dongle or see if they dealer will program it for cheap since it takes all of 30 seconds to do.
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