GM Recommend me some good LOW DUST brake pads.


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Jan 12, 2010
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I replaced the front pads and rotors on my Escalade last May with EBC slotted pads and Greenstuff 7000 pads and while the stopping power of them is really impressive the amount of dust coming off them is almost at the unbearable stage. I’ll wash the truck and clean the wheels and within 4 days the front wheels are coated in dust again. My driving is all suburban roads, highway and the beginning of rush hour on 90 westbound around 5 pm (random slowing, rare stop and go). I love the fact that if I have to stop my heavy pig in a hurry the setup I have will do it better than most but the amount of brake dust is just ridiculous.
So what should I do? The EBC rotors are staying on and I’m thinking of going back to AC Delco ceramic pads or Akebono ceramics. I’ve had AC’s before and didn’t have an issue with stopping power or dust and Akebono pads get a lot of good nods from the full size SUV crowds. I’ve had Stop Tech before that sucked, Hawk pads were ok but did seem to have heat issues and Power Stop pads on drilled and slotted rotors that worked well but I sold that truck too soon to get a good feel for them.

Pic for reference with the EBC setup, the last time these were clean before I touched the brake pedal for the first time.

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