Rear axle & diff options


Muthafucka Jones
Feb 8, 2012
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What are you guys doing for axles/differentials?
I had mine up in the air today and noticed that apparently the axle TSB never got done...going to need wheel bearings and axles in the not so distant future.
Figure while I'm at it might as well do something with the stock differential and stick some good axles in it.
I've thought about a 31 spline t-lock but I want to do this once and only once.
Zack, what are you running in your high HP car?

I am partial to Strange axles, seen too many Mosers fail at moderate HP levels...anybody have any criticism of Strange stuff?


4 Doors 4 Life
Mar 21, 2004
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NW Indiana
Get an 03 Cobra Diff and see if musclemerc still has the hookup on axles.

If you want strange axles, you will have to send them a stock axle for them to duplicate in 31 spline

To answer your question, I ran my 10.8 on stock axles, then broke them, then the Moser's a week later.
I have Ford 31 splines in now and never went back to the track.

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