Range rover steering rack install


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Oct 10, 2008
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Arlington Heights
Hey guys here's my issue. I have a 2009 range rover sport hst. My steering rack is leaking from the passenger boot. I'm adding fluid daily to keep it at the max line. Overnight it will leak to the minimum line. I will be buying a reman unit this week and need someone with experience to do the swap. I don't know if the seals can be serviced opposed to buying the entire unit. Rover forums were saying it really isn't serviceable and a new assembly is the best solution.
Today I'm going to buy Lucas power steering stop leak. I can't hurt to try but I'm not optimistic .
Replacing the seal would be my cheapest solution. I've never worked on a steering rack and don't have the time to attempt this. I have other means of transportation so the truck can be left with you for the time needed to repair. I could wait on ordering the rack if you want to pull it apart and see if the seal can be replaced. The truck is super clean and less than 60k on the odo.
Chime in if you have suggestions and pm me with a ballpark quote if you can. I'd rather have the work go to someone here than have land rover bend me over. Thanks!

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