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May 24, 2007
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I thought the car's performance at the track day was shit, so I was a bit sour on the thing, but I found some silver linings after comparing the track day's run with my previous best: a 12.1 versus PB 11.8.

60-foot: PB 1.61 to track day 1.66 -- Honestly, not too bad considering I changed the shocks from stock replacements to Koni Yellows, and didn't adjust the front shocks from street trim. Plus, I ditched the tunnel-mounted torque arm for a UMI long arm. Those Hoosiers at work! And maybe the lighter wheels. All I did was take the slack out of the converter and mash it.

Back-half MPH: The track day run gained 9/10 a mph in eighth-mile to quarter-mile mph versus my PB, and in 90-degree heat and 3,000-foot DA, versus the -700 DA and high 40s temps of my PB. My overall trap was down, though; perhaps this is just within variance, or it indicates the ram air is working considering it gained more MPH in the same distance.

Really stretching it: The drag times DA corrector spit out 11.6 @ 116 mph.

Anyway, that was a long way to say maybe something isn't wrong with the car like I initially thought. I still want to scan it, and like the last time at the track I'm not thrilled about it puffing black smoke at higher RPMs.


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