🔧 BUILD PJ’s bad idea - notch edition

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Figured I might as will document this train wreck. I bought this car a long time ago as an unfinished project and parted it out. Sold the caged shell to a buddy who needed a replacement. He ended up getting out of racing and it sat for a few years. Well he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… so it’s back

Intentions are to fix some things I don’t like, finish some things and make it a nice complete roller. At that point I will see if I can sell it quick for a little profit, otherwise I have an LS and th400 to put in it for the spring

Some details:
- Certified 25.3 chromoly cage (good for 6.50 in the 1/4 at 3600#)
- fiberglass front clip, doors, trunk
- TeamZ front suspension
- Strange brakes





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Sep 29, 2005
Villa Park
First project is to get a rearend for it. The car had a boogered together 9” in it that I opted not to purchase.

So I played car shuffle and pulled the overbuilt 8.8” out of my ‘68



Well it was way too wide. I probably shoulda measured first. I could either buy new wheels with a larger backspace or build a shorter rearend. I made a cost comparison chart to help decide lol. So I bought the boogered 9” in the car and will build a new housing for it.

First I’m going to try and unfuck this housing on the cheap. If it doesn’t work I will get the basic Racecraft housing

Forgot to take a good before pic. But here you can kinda see the disgusting upper control arm mounts


Then got the China plasma cutter out last night and went to town. Only melted a little bit of the plastic saw horse


I will draw up my own adjustable upper control arm, lower control arm, and shock brackets this week. I also have room with the axles to narrow it 1” overall. I was hoping to tuck the wheels further but it’s better than nothing


Oct 28, 2007
Started messing with drawing the adjustable lower control arm and shock mounts. All will be braced with a chromoly tube through the holes. Should probably print them out on paper and test fit before having them cut lol

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no way dude, cut first, realize not right, then use harbor freight tools to make fit better, then just bugger in weld where necessary.


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Sep 29, 2005
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Finally had a chance to finish cutting off all the brackets. Mocked up the 1/8” mild steel back brace. It needs a little touch up with the grinder to fit perfect. Then wire wheel rest of the housing and I can weld it on


And since I have ADD I started something else and made a removable parachute mount



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