P171 and P174 keep coming back... in hot weather


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Sep 28, 2005
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This issue was completely resolved after I changed the fuel pump relay. A month ago I pulled it with the battery disconnected to disable the car for a few days. After that the codes kept coming back and the car would sometimes die while slowing down, but it WOULD start back up without a problem and keep running.

I kept replacing the relay with autozone ones, probably at least five. Finally got a Ford one and the car felt like it did back in march... for a day. Codes came back.

This only used to happen when it was above 90 outside and I wanted to use the a/c. Now I don't use the a/c and it still happens. Anything below 85 and the car is fine, a/c used or not the car will remain fine.

Any idea why this keeps happening in hot weather? Should I burp the anti-freeze?


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