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Officially new Official Bored Thread

Blood on Blood

rumble baby rumble
Apr 6, 2005
time to tackle the pacifica spark plugs

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Lord Tin Foilhat

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Jul 8, 2007
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You have small hands so getting the intake tube off the back side shouldn't be too bad. But also, doesn't that only have like 30k miles. Mine were good till 100k
Yeah its not bad, I just started it at 11 and was like...fuck this...for now. Yeah 34k.

wait the chrysler has a misfire or something?

NA v6...shouldn't those spark plugs last a long ass time
It did throw a code for misfire on cylinder 4, but went away. Since we are taking a road trip, I figured I would just do them while doing a tuneup. I have a coil pack to swap on that cylinder and figured I would do the plugs too. Its OEM plugs. I would rather have the piece of mind and get an idea of how its running based on the plugs. Also gives me a chance to see if there is anything else obvious.

It has been running fine and no other codes have popped up since....so maybe just a bad tank of gas? Doesn't feel like a misfire even under WOT :dunno: