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Blood on Blood

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Apr 6, 2005
Never gets old


Chester Copperpot

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May 7, 2010
Blanco el Norte
15 mins watching cars come and go out of a parking alot makes me think 72% of this population needs to be wiped from this earth.
Sitting for an hour (long fucking story in and of itself…) at Chase bank in Arlington Heights watching people come in and out of the shopping area is enough to know that every single one of these retards deserves immediate execution.


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Feb 8, 2012
Took yesterday off and went downtown to watch the bball tournament and drink beers with some friends.
Discovered that I am no longer interested in drinking for 12 hours pretty much non stop. Got home about 8, fell asleep on couch till almost 8am this morning.
Finally coming around now, gotta go to a elk foundation banquet tonight with the fellas. Told wifey she can drink I'll be the grown up.


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Jun 25, 2015
Made it back from Poland about 12:30 this morning. Was trying to get back before midnight but the flight arrived early and got stuck in the penalty box for almost an hour and then it was the biggest crowd I’ve seen at ORD terminal 5. New shuttle was running slow too and that didn’t help. Rented a new Grand Cherokee for the drive home and had 700 miles on it. Nice but noticeably truck like although it was on the base steel spring suspension.

Cooking a batch of baked beans and watching March Madness.