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Apr 6, 2005
Somebody sign up jimbos work phone to get telemarketing calls. He's not occupied enough.
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Aug 4, 2010
Speaking of vacations, we usually book our January vacation in the summer time with the usual 15-20 people that go with us.
We havent booked shit and there hasnt been much talk about it. I'll see a few of the people tomorrow and we are going to ask them whats their plans.
I told the Wife we are going somewhere with or without our normal group. Maybe back to PR, rent a car and an Airbnb like last time. But this time go travel the island every day. Couldnt do that last time due to Covid, they had a curfew and a ton of shit was closed. We have looked at prices and god damn has shit went up, I'm thinking these fucks are trying to recover from Covid by raising prices. Just an example, the resort we usually hit in Mexico, normally we can go for $1600 pp on the high end all inclusive. That fucker is like $2k pp right now for the exact same time we travel every year