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OFFICIAL TCG Post Your Dyno Numbers


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Aug 27, 2018
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Carol Stream, IL
Mook Mook

Someone needs to be at the bottom of the list, but I might be able to claim highest RPM max power is made at. Also the lowest weight.

2007 Kawasaki ZX6-R - Manual 6spd (sequential) - 599cc (0.6 liter / 36 cu in.) 4 cylinder - 93 octane pump
Mustang Dyno
Komet Motorsports

Max Power (WCF) - 102.3 @ 14,436 RPM (redline 16,500 rpm)
Max Torque (WCF) - 39.2 @ 12,202 RPM

So about 0.17 hp/cc, or about 170.5 hp per liter.

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