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Jun 16, 2007
hangover park IL
Wisc cheaper now yhat Foxconn ain't happening?

Wisconsin originally offered $3 billion in incentives. As Foxconn fell almost comically short of jobs and investment goals, a new governor renegotiated the contract down to only $80 million in subsidies. Last month Wisconsin Public Radio reported Foxconn is selling buildings in Green Bay and Eau Claire – a $12 million real estate portfolio – once intended to be “innovation centers” with up to 200 jobs each.


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Mar 10, 2004
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Just in case you need to take a quick shit while youre showering.




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Aug 28, 2007
Homer Glen


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Aug 16, 2005
Same… I bought in 2021 at 2.74% and the house has gone up in value by $60k. Not bad.
We also bought our house in 2021. Recently, I checked its price on 72 sold and was shocked by how much its price increased. I don't even what would I do if I had to buy a house today. It seems that renting is more financially profitable now. I haven't checked the prices though. Maybe they are also shocking.


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May 28, 2011
South of Wisconsin.
We also bought our house in 2021. Recently, I checked its price on 72 sold and was shocked by how much its price increased.

Yup. It’s crazy. One of my Neighbors bought in late 2021 for $228k and due to financial difficulties they had to sell the place. The place just sold for $268k. the real kicker is it was an half complete rehab. All they did was paint the upstairs, and replace light fixtures and flooring and the entire downstairs is just bare studs and still made $40k.


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Mar 2, 2008
sickmint79 sickmint79, I'm moving to Thailand. This place for $177k would probably cost 800k in Florida.

i just spent the last hour analyzing how long i would have to live in the ritz carlton in kuala lumpur to complete earning lifetime platinum status on marriott 😅 and how i could do it for even much less at this boutique hotel and it's comically affordable compared to obtain in the US let alone live in a major city in a fancy hotel lol. ultimately i concluded i don't think it would be worth the effort to chase.

hua hin is where a lot of thai go and vacation and i think the royal family a fair amount. it has a small airport and is known for having a very photogenic train station. i was there to kart because i have karted on every track in thailand, and one was there near the airport for me to hit up (although i took the train there.)

i think you'd be continually shocked by how far your money can go in thailand. like it's pretty cheap to rent or buy even in bangkok, but once you get out things really take a dive in price, and for cities like this that you've probably never even heard of, but are still quite popular, you can see how far your money can go.

i know lots of people that have spent $300/mo on rent, personally not only am i paying closer to 1000 but i'm paying more than anyone i know 😅 although that's because my place is nice and i really like it. owner here is going to offer me to purchase an early house in a starter project on the land right next to here, part of me is kinda like ah that's too wild a commit, part of me is like ahhhh could work out pretty well; if i'm not living in it i think it could still work as a cash flow positive investment. i think it would have to be cash and 140k, i don't think it would be as nice as this place though. it's an idea i am flirting with though.
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Aug 27, 2013
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I love when people say I’m thinking about buying a rental property. WTF at 8-10% second mortgage that’s a rental property is a higher rate. At the high prices and taxes going up you ain’t going to make shit in profit.
This is the trendy thing for millennials to talk about.

Home prices are holding steady or slowly rising in value. Interest rates hovering at 8+% with a possibility to increase. I don't see how anyone is buying houses now to turn around and rent for profit unless they can buy a fixer upper outright with cash, and save money on labor by putting work into it themselves.