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Jan 3, 2008
Luke's Beef
I just read this quote from Derrick Rose and don't really understand what he's talking about. Is he referring to how the injuries on the team are really pushing him to the edge? How his shooting has been off lately? This quote just does not sound like him.

“I’ve got to be the only superstar in the league that’s going through what I’m going through right now,” Rose said. “Can’t say too much about it.”

He's usually a pretty reserved player, but here he's calling himself a superstar? This doesn't sound like Rose to me. This was from the Yahoo story posted about last night's game.


Bruce Jibboo

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Apr 18, 2008
maybe hes having girl troubles



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Dec 18, 2011
RT 66 area

I have to admit, the kid is good, and I truly thought he would keep his head screwed on straight.
I have noticed he is crying more then ever, doing the stare down, beating his chest more then ever,
and if it's true, I do not like him calling himself a superstar all of a sudden!!
I actually mentioned to a buddy a couple of weeks ago, his Mom needs to slap him one.
He's getting a big head, and the tattoos, and other thug stuff has me a little worried he might implode??



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Oct 28, 2009
Yeah yesterday nights game he was getting hacked before he even made his way to the basket during the double teams and wasn't getting anything. First game I have seen him really get frustrated with the lack of calls. He did get one that I thought he shouldn't have but the refs in general were just bogus last night.

At least get got that nice jam at the end. Wheres the poster machine at?


Jean Ralphio

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May 28, 2008
:noes: :run:

Derrick Rose rear-ended on Kennedy Expressway
Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was involved in a minor fender bender when the car he was driving was rear-ended on the Kennedy Expressway, Illinois State police officials said.

The accident happened at about 4:25 p.m. on the I-90 South Bound lanes at Ogden, police said in a press release this evening.

Rose, of Northbrook, was in his 2011 Beige Bentley when he was rear-ended by a 2002 Green Saturn driven by Charles Tratwein of Dundalk, Md, police said.

Rose, 23, refused treatment by a Chicago Fire Department ambulance and told police he would be checked by his own doctor at a later time, officials said.

Tratwein, 42, was cited for failing to reduce speed to avoid a crash, police said.

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