Movie Oblivion (starring Tom Cruise & Morgan Freeman)


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Oct 8, 2008
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The "invading army" was actually the army of Tom Cruises, yes? This Sally thing basically replicated him to create an unstoppable army. And then obviously to repair the drones which were apparently in short supply....

I just wish there was some backstory to this pyramid thing....the movie kind of lacked in that department.

Overall tho, really really enjoyed it.

Yes the invading Army was Tom Cruise clones. The invader was simply some sort of AI (or whatever) that was a lone entity that used people to kill people. The idea of the movie is that its told from Tom Cruise POV, and you know as little as he does. Gives you a bit of freedom for your imagination to wander.


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Jan 21, 2008
I thought it was pretty well explained, or obvious. The ship was AI, and it was able to only clone Tom Cruise and the ginger because they were the only 2 that made it to the ship originally. The entire world is divided up into sectors in which Tom Cruise clones monitor. They are led to believe the other zones are radioactive and dangerous.


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May 23, 2007
Honestly, the settings and the scenery are part of what sold me on the movie. It was gorgeous. And when he first flew here:


I was immediately thinking "Halo".


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Sep 19, 2010
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It was like Moon in the "zomg hes a clone!" Plot "twist" at the end.

Moon was great. And it also only cost about $5M to make, so its even better that a low budget film can make it in the theaters. The last one that came out of nowhere like that was District 9.

And I really did enjoy the score for Oblivion, the last song by Joeseph Trapanese and M83 was an excellent song to finish the film with. Really likely Joeseph Trapanese's mix of electronic and his collaborations.

Trapanese collaborated with Daft Punk for the Tron: Legacy score, as well as the Uprising series.

M83 also did the ending theme songs for Mass Effect 1 and 3. (EDIT: BooBoo, it was Faunts, not M83.) Still like it though.


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Apr 30, 2006
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Personally, I don't like him because he makes absurd idiotic statements like "acting is harder than being in Iraq". And yes, because he's a Scientology asshole who pushes his 100% complete BS religion onto others. Cost him his marriage and relationship with his child apparently too. Katie doesn't seem to have very nice things to say about the dude.

The guy is batshit crazy and out of touch with the rest of the REAL world.


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Apr 30, 2006
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You realize his Iraq comment was taken completely out of context right? I think it was even explained in the thread on here.

What was the context? How does a statement like that get taken out of context? Pretty insane to say in any context if you ask me.

The rest of that stuff...:dunno: Lots of religious people are out of touch w/ the real world :rofl:

This is true, ill give you that.