Need to sell a few items.


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Feb 23, 2006
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I'm selling 4 rims and tires for a 1997 mustang cobra, the tires are shot maybe good for some burnouts. The rims have a few oxidation spots and 1 has a ding on the outer edge. I'm asking $50.00 for the rims.
Also I have a new set of projector beam headlights that I recieved in the mail with a broken mounting tab and the place I purchaced them from said I broke them and won't take them back, so I went to a blacked out factory set up. I'm asking $125 for them, they cost me $280.00.
These also are for a 1996 to 1998 cobra.
I'm reducing the headlites to $100.00 as of 8/30.


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