Need stock H and cats asap. Huge deal to the person that comes through.

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Mar 22, 2005
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I just traded in my GT, but the dealer wants the stock cats. Well my stock H is still on the car, but I purchased and had BBK cat deletes professionally welded in. Also I sold my stock cats not thinking I would ever need them. So I would be willing to swap my stock H with no cats, for your stock H with cats for no extra charge. Plus I have my SCT X3 with AED lopey/normal/drag tunes that I will give you for $250 total. Thats $250 for the tuner and tunes included. Also I have a set of 1 month old 11GT500 mufflers I will offer to you for $200. They are $300 new, and these are new.

The procedure is you would need to bring me your stock H, then I will take it to the dealer. Then they will swap the h pipes and mufflers out, and I will take them with me. I will then bring them to you. You dont need to take the tuner or GT500 mufflers, but if you dont, I will sell them at a much higher price online. The GT500 mufflers will sell in minutes for $250.

I can be reached at [email protected]

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