Need some help ford guys!


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May 10, 2009
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Hey guys at the house I have a 98 explorer with the 4.0 ohv engine. It came in with a p0340 camshaft sensor circuit A (or single sensor). So after doing a little diag I decided to pull the cam sensor off the synchronizer and found that the magnet broke off the sensor and in return bent the pickup for the hall effect sensor. Also the cam sensor connector was damaged so I got a connector repair kit from ford and fixed that as well. So I ordered the synchronizer and sensor and put it in. I followed Alldatas instructions to have the synchronizer 15 degrees off the centerline of the engine to the right. But the code keeps coming up. I have no clue if maybe its not timed right or what? I did some research and found that if the voltage regulator on the alternator goes bad it can set that code off because of the mixed voltages. The alternator on this is maybe 8 months old. Any ideas would help thank you!

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