MyColor addition to a 2013 Boss 302?


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May 13, 2014
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I would like to add the MyColor to my Boss. Question is, what is needed? Is it possible?

I have heard that some Boss owners think the back harness is set up for it, empty plugs and all. And when changing the stereo head, they are getting a color rainbow of various colors flashing across, but goes back to white.

Is there a module I need to add? I am trying to figure out if I need the Shelby gauges (as I wanted to keep the 180 MPH speedo, or go up to the 220 Shelby unit) and some other electronic module, or what. Also need to buy the premium door panels, and find out what I need for the cup holder. I love how the colors lighten up the inside. I don't track the car (and if I do, I won't care about a few extra lbs) but do drive it a lot and love the color change I have seen.


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Oct 19, 2008
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Sandia Mountain
I cant be of any help. But, I was suprised how much I enjoy the colored lighting in my car. Good luck with the upgrade.

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