My Street Legal Race Car!!


El Presidente
May 23, 2007
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D Riv said:
Little background on my ride: Was purchased in Georgia, originally owned and operated in Florida somewhere. Didn't get much info on the previous owner, so I'm not sure if he raced with this thing professionally or just weekend amature shit. I'm still working with the DMV to help track this guy down.
It's a 1997 Honda Civic, 5 speed manual, OHC I4 1.6 liter which after a few mods, I'm happy to report bolsters an alarming 106hp and a tire smokin 103lbs of torque. Why these cars are legal on todays roads still baffles me. It weighs in at a slim 2319lbs, and has no ABS. The ABS system was not allowed on these cars to help keep weight down, and HP up. Like most of you, my show car is also my daily driver, so it packs on the miles, and the gas!! But reguardless of having to use the highly advanced and potent 87 octane, I still manage to swing 33mpg city/38mpg highway. But enough chit-chat, lets get to the pictures!

Comming up to a vehicle such as this, deserves your full attention. It's hard to see from this angle, but you can imagine the ginormous intercooler being housed behind the bottom grill.

You'll notice there's a fair amount of front end damage to my rocket ship. It's only inevitable that when you're racing another car and you're reaching speeds of 100+ mph, that you're gonna hit trees, garbage cans, and mailboxes. I wear these scars with pride. It announces to others on the race track that I'm no noob, so you better get your pink slips ready.

Just look at that wax job. I would sometimes put my ice skates on and skate on it, it was as smooth as ice. If you look, you can manage to make out the reflection of a tree limb. It's so clear, you can almost reach out and touch it. 1080i has nothin' on these pics.

Again, you'll proabably notice more body damage. Marks of pride. Also my civic emblem is missing..... or is it? Ha ha ha! I like to freak those fools out at the starting line. They know its a Honda, but what KIND of Honda? An Accord? A S2000? It keeps them in suspense the entire race.

Only i know the truth!! [smilie=ahgg_hoohah.gif]

I tried buffing my exhaust to intimidate, but then i realized you can't buff out rust! LOLZ!! Actually thats not rust, its melted steel from the huge amounts of heat that gets exhausted by the engine.

Firestone racing slicks. They cost $800 dollars a piece. Notice the rust, aka, heat burn marks? Massive 18" rotors hide behind there, ready to stop me in a moments notice.

Well here's the meat and potatoes! Stage 3 turbo was installed last week. I don't need to tell you guys where it is in this pic. Pretty obvious. If you can't find it, then you probably shouldn't be on this board, n00b.

153k miles and going strong. My tachometer will usually have the needle somewhere around the 8k neighborhood. Notice that 167.8 number above the odometer? That's actually a custom install that records my highest speed achieved. I hit that record 6 months ago.

Here's just a quick pic of my custom stereo. It's currently on FM97.1, which is easy adult contemporary. I love to relax while I cruise and look for more prey.

Another custom job that I put in a while ago, is my driver window control. Notice the "auto" button? That actually transfers the car from manual transmission to automatic. Also, above you see the "on" switch. That actually starts my car. As you can see from the pic, my car is on.

Well thats it! If you boys ever wanna make the trip up to Minneapolis to see this thing in person, you're more then welcome. Otherwise, I'll be bringing her down sometime in June for a week or so. So get your pink slips ready now!!!!! :eek4:



Sep 5, 2007
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must say i dont see why anybody didnt think this was hilarious i couldnt stop laughing i bet somebody read this and was like.. WHERE ISTHE TURBO?? then like pointed to your exhaust manifold and was like ITS THERE!!

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